January 08, 2013

How to Change Folder View of All Folders in Windows 7 ?

Changing Folder view in Windows
Folder view !!!
Today I'm going to show you how to change view of all folders in Windows 7 easily. Its annoying to change every time ,browsing each  folder  and changing its view. 
This happens when you re-install your Windows or using it for first time because your folder view will be set to default view style(Details view) .

December 19, 2012

Top 5 Media Players

Top 5 Media Players For Windows
Best Players
Hey, all. Here is a list of top 5 media players for your PC/Laptop .The Media players listed here can be replacement for Windows Media Player(Windows) which has very decent capability and any other player as per your platform(Operating system). But if you still need better UI and easy to use Media players then you can opt out for these.I'm going to give some details about the niche. There are lot of media players on Internet but the best are some. Some are unique and some of them have almost

December 06, 2012

How to Install Windows using Pendrive ?

Install Windows from USB Drive
Install Windows 8 from Pendrive
Installing Windows Using USB flash drive or use Pendrive as Windows7 / Windows 8 installation disk.Now its possible to turn your pendrive or flsah drive into a windows installation disk. Thanks to Windows tool, no need to do any circus in command prompt or reading long stories of how to make bootable usb flash drive for Windows . By using a simple tool " Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool " you can make an bootable usb flash drive . In this tutorial , i'm going to show how to make one by yourself and it requires less time than before and it's easy. That's not it, this tool can also burn your iso image to another blank DVD for 

December 02, 2012

How to Use Phone As Modem in Windows 7 ?

Connect to internet with Phone
Today i'm going to show how to connect your mobile phone for  Internet access without using pc suite or any alike software supplied with your device. Some of the devices will not be given any pc suite software and need to download the support software from the manufacturer's site. Well, i'll reduce your effort of downloading those things just for internet access. Windows 7 has a built in service known as Plug and Play which complies compatibility for many new era devices, and then we can connect our phones as Dial-up network(DUN) and access internet . Every device uses Plug and Play Standard now a days.

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