December 19, 2012

Top 5 Media Players

Top 5 Media Players For Windows
Best Players
Hey, all. Here is a list of top 5 media players for your PC/Laptop .The Media players listed here can be replacement for Windows Media Player(Windows) which has very decent capability and any other player as per your platform(Operating system). But if you still need better UI and easy to use Media players then you can opt out for these.I'm going to give some details about the niche. There are lot of media players on Internet but the best are some. Some are unique and some of them have almost
 same capability as others. But , what matters is which one provides better performance , render videos smoothly at high clarity without glitches or 
frame drops. Now a days media is becoming richer and HD videos are a must(large size videos) and to experience HD quality videos the Media Player plays a vital role. And 3D is also becoming common with the advent of technology. Sound effect is another aspect which affects  Media playback. Now a days all media players can utilise GPU accelerated decoding (Graphics processing unit/Graphics card) for video decoding to enrich playback.Some media players does not support all media file types and some are full of bugs that's what struck me to post this ,to make the media playback hassle free and full of pleasure.
Here we go ...

   List of Top 5 Media Players : 

 1.  VLC Media Player  :   

VLC Media Player
Best Of all Players
The best and my favourite  media player.Which can play any video/audio content.One exception is *.mpg format.It can use GPU accelerated decoding

  •    Basic Features :     
                                      a.  All video formats  are                                                     
                                      b.  All Audio formats supported.
                                      c.   Bluray,DVD,Audio    
                                           CD,SVCD/VCD playback  
                                      d.  HD playback capable
  • Special Features  :             
                                                  a.    3D playback capable.
                                                  b.   Live video streaming.
                                 c.  Broadcast capable.
                                 d.  Can record video and audio.
                                 e.  Capturing screen capable.
                                                 f.    Mouse Gestures help to use it with ease. 
                                 g.  There are many AV filters that can be used to  
                                    experience awesome playback.etc
                                h. You can set video to play on desktop as background.
  • Supported Platforms :
                                     All Windows, Mac osX ,iOS ,All  Linux ,Android,   
                                     Solaris and more.It can be   downloaded here .

KM Player
3D Playback 
2. KM Player :

This is the 2nd best which is capable of doing magic with 2D video.Just a click turns 2D-->3D . Plays media with ease and can do much more. 

  • Basic Features :  a.  All popular video formats.
                               b.  All popular Audio formats.
                               c.  DVD,Audio CD,VCD playback capable.
                               d.  3D playback capable.
                               e.   HD playback capable.

  • Special Features :  a.  Can view 2d video in 3d. 

                                 b.   Live video streaming.
                                 c.  WiDi  capable.
                                 d.  Broadcast capable.etc

  • Supported Platforms : 

                                    All Windows platforms.It can be downloaded here.
Gom Player
Awesome audio output

3. Gom player :

Decent playback capable with very nice audio quality. Audio  output is louder and enhanced than other players. Its best for awesome audio playback and has many more features.

  •    Basic Features :  a. All Popular Video Formats supported.

                                  b. All Popular Audio formats supported.
                                  c. Cd,DVD, playback capable.
                                  d. Can play HD videos smoothly.

  •  Special Features :       a. Live Streaming.

                                       b.  Easy browser helps to navigate in the play list 
                                            and find required file. 
                                       c.  Capturing Photos. 
                                       d.  Changeable skins 
                                       e.  It has configurable mouse shortcuts.,etc
Recently ,Gom audio player is also available which gives great audio effects, virtual 3D audio effect and enhances audio  experience.

  • Supported Platforms :

                                All Windows including Windows 8. Gom media player  
                                can be downloaded here and Gom Audio player from
                                here . 
Media Player Classic (MPC)
Good Player

4.  MPC- Media Player Classic: 

This has the minimal UI design and never interrupts playback experience. Basic but effective player and has some  of the  good features.

  •   Basic Features :        

                                 a.  All video formats   
                                 b.  All Audio formats. 
                                 c.  DVD, Audio CD playback.
                                 d. HD videos . 

  •  Special Features :     

                                   a.   GPU accelerated decoding.
                                   b.   Codec packs are available. Which can be   
                                         installed for extended support.etc

  • Supported Platforms :

                                     All Windows platforms.It can be downloaded here.

Real Media Player / Real Player
Decent playback
5. Real Player : 

This is another player which can  play videos nicely. It has some good features like the ones above.

3gp. 3gp2, mp4, mp3, wmv, flv, avi, m4v, rmvb, ram, wma, rm, wavm, lv4, ra, rv, QCELP ,EVRC etc are the supported file formats.

  • DVD,CD playback capable.
  • Can live stream media and have good features.It can be downloaded here.
All players support both x86(32Bits) and x64( 64Bits) systems.For more information on support for your platform check the respective media player sites.
The players listed above can make your playback experience a joy and full of pleasure. Download them and enjoy. If you have any questions about the niche then don't hesitate to leave a comment. Enjoy...           


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