December 06, 2012

How to Install Windows using Pendrive ?

Install Windows from USB Drive
Install Windows 8 from Pendrive
Installing Windows Using USB flash drive or use Pendrive as Windows7 / Windows 8 installation disk.Now its possible to turn your pendrive or flsah drive into a windows installation disk. Thanks to Windows tool, no need to do any circus in command prompt or reading long stories of how to make bootable usb flash drive for Windows . By using a simple tool " Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool " you can make an bootable usb flash drive . In this tutorial , i'm going to show how to make one by yourself and it requires less time than before and it's easy. That's not it, this tool can also burn your iso image to another blank DVD for 
backup.First things first,so i have listed the things required below .


     Required Things: 

  • Windows 7/8 Installation disk. 
  • Windows USB DVD tool ,can be downloaded here.
  • Usb pen drive or flash drive with capacity of 4 GB(minimum) / 8 GB .
  • DVD to ISO converter like Format Factory or Nero or Magic ISO will do it.
  • And most importantly 30 mins  of your precious time. 
     So let's get on to the work of making usb bootable drive for Windows.
     First Install Windows 7 USB DVD tool you downloaded , then Format    
     factory/Nero or other software for making ISO image from DVD. Insert    
     your Windows DVD and open ISO maker( i've  used format factory ) and   
     make ISO image of DVD and after that follow the steps below.


    Steps For Making Bootable USB Drive  :

     1.    Goto Start >> All Programs >> Windows 7 USB DVD  tool .

Windows on Pendrive

           2.    Click browse and navigate to the ISO file and select it, click next.

Windows on Pendrive -3

     3.    Now select flash drive from drop down menu and click USB device.

Windows on Pendrive -4


    4.    Then click Begin Copying and wait for completion and lastly click   

Windows on Pendrive -5

Your now done with bootable flash drive for Windows.You can carry it with    
  ease and it's more comfortable than carrying dvd for installation always and 
 if you want to backup to another DVD just select DVD in second step and rest all same. If error persists leave a comment below and we'll try address issue.


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