January 10, 2013

How to use Windows Speech Recognition for typing?

Windows 7 or 8 Speech Recognition
Windows Speech Recognition
Today I'm going to show how to utilise the speech recognition in Windows. Bored of typing your notes or mails then Now stop typing and start Dictating to your computer. Windows 7 is a well optimised operating system for easy use. It has a built in service called Windows Bio-metric service, it lets us use the tool called Windows speech recognition.  You can use your system  with just built in  voice commands.
There are some standard commands in it and one of them is " Show Numbers", It displays numbers on screen , just say the number behind which required option is  present and say OK, for instance " 1 , OK " it'll select that option. It can also be used for Dictating  the notes or mails & can be used to many more things. Even i have  used for a while and now dictated  during this post.
It is very simple to setup and it has a tutorial in it, which enables the system to adopt to user's voice and speech. At start it is little slow to identify the commands you speak, after  taking speech tutorial and train your computer options it gets adjusted and adopted to your accent then, it can be used with ease.
Just follow the instructions below to start and use ,

Steps to Follow : 

1. Go to Windows LogoStart  andControl Panel logoControl panel. Find and click on
Speech Recognition.

2. Now in this window you have options like,

>Start speech recognition -for starting
>set up a microphone - for configuring your mic 
>Take speech Tutorial - it helps you to use the tool more easily. 
>Train your computer to understand you better - Read out the text on screen so that      computer adopts to your voice and accent.
Set up the microphone before  Starting speech recognition.

Window speech recognition

3. Set up Microphone , click next ,then read out the bold text on screen and   
    click next two time then click finish.

Windows microphone configuration
 Window speech recognition

4. Now Click on Start Speech recognition lastly.

Voice recognition tool

Be sure that when using it there are no other sounds other than your voice or it does not recognize your commands correctly,but can use it to show off to your friends that how you can use your Windows computer in a new way.We appreciate your feedback...


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