January 24, 2014

How to get recent posts on facebook newsfeed ?

recent posts on fb newsfeed
Getting older feeds on Facebook news feed  or missing out on recent posts of your friends and relatives on Facebook
        Here is a quick fix  for that or rather say an option. You can sort the feeds that appear on your news feed. There are a couple of options over there but that's more than enough for tailoring your news feed updates, so that you get the fresh content that is being shared by your buddies and the groups,pages,apps you like.
            Facebook news feed shows the posted content from pages,groups or other users by sorting them as Top stories and Most recent. Top stories are sorted based on number of likes,comments, shares of that story
etc, i don't want to get into technical aspect of it.
                                      Most recent filter as its name suggests, it shows the posts according to the time they were posted upon Facebook i.e instantly as they are shared. By default Facebook News feed shows posts filtered as Top stories and this might be one of the reason you are not getting recent  ones. 
                         Its not that you'll completely be missed on the posts, but you'll be shown with popular posts of friends and apps, pages but not instantaneously as they post'em on to the fb but eventually.And everyone wants fresh content to see as and when they're put online. That is what struck me to write this informative post.
                       Just change that to Most recent filter option and you won't miss recent stories on Facebook
                              But here is the catch, if you switch the filter then you might not be able to get the stories that makes it to the top on Facebook because there is a huge amount of shares by large number of friends,apps,groups and pages each and every second and the newer postings supersedes the older ones.
                 Well, you can change back the setting as and when you want ,you'll be  back to default settings with again changing . And remember it is not the only way you get stories filtered on your news feed, Facebook also shows stories from the applications, pages, groups that you check regularly or interact with consistently.

Well, How to do it then ?

Here you go ...

Step 1 : Log on to your Facebook account and you can see the button on top left corner.

fb post update filter.

Step 2 : Click on the arrow beside the News feed button. Careful with this, if you click on                    the News feed, it will be reloaded.

fb recent posts filter

Step 3: Once you hit the arrow you'll get option as in pic above. Just select the most recent                  filter and you're done. News feed reloads and you can enjoy the recent postings of                     friends, apps or pages.

most recent filter for fb

 As you can see in the above picture the post was made just now and is updated instantly. 

That is all guys, if you find this post informing , do share it. And for more how to's ,cling on to the blog by subscribing. 


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