November 15, 2012

How to Make Partitions in Windows 7 ?

Hard disk Partition
Windows 7 HDD Partition Without Software
Easy and simplest way to partition your hard disk drive in Windows 7 without third party software.Yes,you heard it right.Windows 7 is far better than its predecessor Vista or XP in many aspects like UI(User Interface),flexibility,reliability and much more.When you buy a new Laptop Or PC with Windows 7 pre-installed and are looking to partition HDD(hard disk drive)
 and trying it using bunch of software out there on Internet.
     Its annoying using those software and may sometimes those software  be dangerous too. Malware,Worms,Trojans and phishing and much will be waiting to attack your PC and are troublesome.So the safe and best way is to do without using third party software. Well,Windows 7 has many tools and one of those useful services and tools,the Virtual disk manger is the service help to partition HDD.

     Just follow the simple steps below and its so easy and moreover its not time-consuming.

Steps to Partition HDD:

1. On desktop,right click on computer icon.

Windows Hard disk Partition


2. Then double click on storage.

Windows Partion hard drive


3. Then open disk management by double clicking and wait for
    10-20 secs,may take little longer sometimes.

Windows 7 HDD Partition

4.Right click on main drive or required drive to be split and click
 on shrink volume.Adjust accordingly the size of new partition
 and click shrink.

HDD Partition Without Software

Windows 7 HDD

5. You'll now see a new partition with desired size as free space.
       Right click on it and select new volume and click next twice.

Windows 7 HDD Partition Without Software

6.  After that in next one you can select drive letter for new
    partition using drop down menu,don't change anything else
    and Click next twice.

Windows 7 HDD partition Without Software

7.Lastly click finish and you are done with hdd partitioning.

Windows 7 HDD partition Without Software

It was pretty easy, isn't it? But  remember , Limit is set to how many partition you can make with Windows 7 and only four is allowed.However, you can make sub partitions in new partition you just done and its too limited to 4,including respective partition.


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